So one day I had the idea to use egg shells as seed starters. This lead to there being many half cracked egg shells on my kitchen window sill.



Thus began my obsession with eggs.

After I decided that I wanted to try to work with eggs as my medium, I needed to make a structure for them to live on.



IMG_2734I made the base out of foam, and had a really fun time working with power tools. It was a longer process than I expected but finally I got the smooth sphere shape I was working toward.


I covered the foam with a mixture of plaster and white acrylic paint.


I collected 25 cartons of eggs (yes folks, that is 300 eggs). I cracked them all straight down the middle and my roommates and I (and anyone who entered our home for the next few weeks) ate eggs. A lot of them.


Quiche anyone? We have enough to feed a small army…


Then began the application process. I used a dremel and hot glue. I also watched the entire two seasons of Twin Peaks. It was a damned good time.


This process took so many more hours than I had imagined, but most art projects do. It was a very monotonous process which lead to good reflection and organizational time. After a few very late nights (and early mornings) it was time to move the piece to Incline Gallery in time for the Light to Dark exhibition!


Fellow Maritime Art Collective member, Chris Love, loaned his help and we rode to Incline in his Magic Art Bus! This was a terrifying journey, but we got the piece to the gallery intact.


Getting it onto the wall was also terrifying…but with a little help from my friends, we got it on the wall!


I intentionally left the last layer of eggs unfinished and installed them onto the piece in the gallery.


Luna : 2014

Viva la eggs!


So many people came out to the opening of Light to Dark. A huge thank you to Incline Gallery as well as all the other artists I got to work with to make this exhibition happen. It was a great experience and I am so thankful to be a part of this amazing art scene in San Francisco!

What happened to the egg piece, you ask? It is now in my backyard in my garden….

The eggs are filling with soil. Next step: flower seeds

The eggs are filling with soil. Next step: flower seeds

The egg piece finally found a good spot to call home.



Filled with soil and seeds are planted! Fingers crossed they bloom soon!

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