Maritime Art Collective

I am the co-founder and co-manager of Maritime Art Collective.


Maritime is a group of aesthetic explorers foraging a new path in the ever-expanding world of art. The name Maritime is an analogy that is derived from the collective’s geographic location in the Bay Area. The Bay Area today is a sea of diversity that is pushing and pulling the collective’s creativity. This group works together under a cooperative spirit and a common understanding that a whole can become greater than merely the sum of its parts. The emerging collective is composed of SFSU alumni and their work ranges from painting, photography, sculpture, to installation and mural work.

Founded by Kendall Berardino and myself in early 2011, Maritime Art Collective has produced several exhibitions around San Francisco.

Collective Members 

Kendall Berardino  :  Shannon Bodrogi  :  Peter Cochrane  :  Kate Eisler  :  Edo Escobedo

Jessy Gaumann  :  Matthew Kassouf : Chris Love  :  Magasama   : Patricia Pauchnick  

Mike Torchia : Mark B Young

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